A Long Denim Jacket and A Walk Down Memory Lane

The long length of this jacket is a nice update to the iconic denim jacket.

During my father’s first military assignment in Crete, Greece, we lived in Hersonissos, a large village by a harbor. I was a pre-teen then, but I do remember its beauty and its kind people. I also remember my mother gathering with the village women each evening in a circle of chairs outside on the patio of one of their homes. For hours, they would sit, talk and crochet. My mother taught herself to crochet intricate doilies, both large and small, by watching the women. She made gorgeous pieces for me and my sister as well as our children. I still have these pieces today and plan to pass them on to my sons and their families in the future. Each one is a unique piece of art that takes on such a special meaning because they were created by the hands of my mother.

The lace detail on this white blouse makes it a nice layering piece under a denim jacket.

When I first saw this blouse at Old Navy last year, I immediately thought of my mom and her doilies. This is a simple white cotton peasant top, but the lace detail on the top half takes it beyond ordinary. It adds a nice feminine touch and a delicate feel. The top is billowy and a little see through, so I’m wearing a nude cami underneath it.

The lace detail on this white blouse makes it a nice layering piece under a denim jacket.

I always thought this top would be a perfect layering piece under a light jacket or a vest that lets the lace peek through. If you follow my blog, you know I love denim vests and jackets. I especially love them when someone tries to do something different with the classic design. This long denim jacket from Dress Barn immediately caught my eye because of that very reason. It’s a different take on the iconic denim jacket and I absolutely love it!

The long length of this jacket is a nice update to the iconic denim jacket.

One of the reasons I like it so much is because it reminds me of fashion from the 1970s (which I love….the 1960s, too!). I was just a kid back then, but I do remember leisure suits and the shirt-like jacket that so many men and women wore. Today’s denim jacket takes me back to that look, although it’s a bit more tailored and sophisticated than those jackets from the past. This jacket is comfortable and easy to move around in.

Olive skinny jeans get an updated look with a louver effect on the thighs..

Olive is a popular color for fall. I picked up these cool olive skinny jeans from Target a few weeks ago. They are just a little stretchy but don’t bag out if you have them on all day (which I did). They also have a neat louver effect on the front, which adds a nice detail.

A leather cuff bracelet adds an edgy look to a lace top.

Antique gold filigree earrings add a feminine touch to any outfit.

Because there seems to be a lot going on in the outfit, I kept my jewelry simple. I’m wearing my Pippa brown leather cuff and my Antique Gold earrings from Plunder. I think the filigree design of the earrings almost replicates the lace detail on the blouse!

To add a pop of color, I am carrying my rust colored bag, which you saw in Monday’s post. This purse gets quite a lot of use in the fall because it’s the perfect autumn color.

Leopard flats add a nice pattern to a fall outfit.

My leopard flats are a Target purchase from last year but you can find similar ones almost anywhere these days. I actually have two pairs of leopard flats from Target. The ones today have a pointed toe and help to make my outfits just a little dressier. I also have a pair with a rounded toe that are great for casual days.

The long length of this jacket is a nice update to the iconic denim jacket.

This may not be the leisure suit of the 1970s, but both the jacket and the lace top on the blouse certainly take me for a walk down memory lane.

What I Wore

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    1. Thanks, Jodie! Clothes to me are almost like those songs that remind you of a certain time and place. Funny how the mind works like that. This outfit was fun to wear. I really kept thinking of my mom’s creations and I also wondered if my dad ever owned a leisure suit (being in the military, he was almost always in uniform). Time to break out the old photo albums!

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