A Floral Maxi Dress for Thanksgiving

A dark floral maxi dress makes a perfect dress for Thanksgiving or any other fall or winter celebration.

My husband told us this week that he wants to fry a turkey this Thanksgiving. We tried this a few years ago and it was a spectacular  failure.  After 4 hours in the fyer, the turkey was still pink. Pink, I tell you! To this day, we’re not exactly sure what went wrong because we thought that we followed all the directions. If we hadn’t agreed to put a “backup” turkey in the oven, then we would have been eating a meatless Thanksgiving Day meal.

I once had a boss who said if we were going to fail at something, let it be a  spectacular failure. That way, everyone would know that we gave the effort everything we had, and then some. We certainly learned a few things from our last turkey frying attempt and we’ll be putting those lessons to use this year.

And I’ll be buying a second turkey, just in case.

A dark floral maxi dress makes a perfect dress for Thanksgiving or any other fall or winter celebration.

Surprise Find

Outfits can fail, too. At least mine can (even ones that I had planned to show on this blog!). But I think this floral maxi dress is definitely a winner.

I was looking for a long dress to wear on Thanksgiving and almost gave up hope after browsing in both brick and mortar stores and online. All I could find were leftover summer dresses – sleeveless, short sleeves, or strapless. I could have bought one and layered it with a sweater, but I wanted a true maxi dress made for cooler weather.

I came across this one at Macy’s and immediately knew it was The One. With its autumnal colors, I thought it would make a perfect dress to wear on Thanksgiving.  It was in my size and was on sale for less than $30 (I picked it up during a special sale).

A dark floral maxi dress makes a perfect dress for Thanksgiving or any other fall or winter celebration.

It’s All In the Details

When it arrived, I knew I made the right choice. It fit me perfectly and is extremely comfortable. While I love the colors and floral design, the little details such as the lace-up neckline, a tiered hem with a slit on one side,  and little ruffles at the sleeves made me wish this came in another color so I could have two of them. The dress also has  elastic at the waist, which is perfect for Thanksgiving dinner.

A dark floral maxi dress makes a perfect dress for Thanksgiving or any other fall or winter celebration.

I added a gold pattern belt that I picked up at Target to help define my waist a bit. A brown belt would have gotten lost in the dark colors of the dress, so I wanted something that stood out a little more.

I’m wearing my dark brown Aerosole boots to keep my legs warm. A pair of heels would also dress this dress up for a night out.

A leather bracelet circled by different flower designs blends edgy with femininity.

The Bling

For jewelry, I wanted pieces that highlighted some of the colors in the dress. My earrings are called the Hayden from Plunder and one of my bracelets was part of my Plunder Posse from September. I didn’t get the best pictures of the earrings but I linked to it below. However, I did manage to take a decent photo of my bracelet. The cream flowers in both pieces mimicked the flowers in the dress nicely.

If you’re curious about Plunder  Posse, this is a special program in which you are sent a few pieces of jewelry each month for a flat rate of $25.00 with tax and shipping included. The pieces are always a surprise. There is no sign up fee and you can cancel anytime.

If you’d like to find out more about the Posse program, click here. Then go to the “Enroll Now” link at the bottom. Don’t worry, you won’t be signed up for anything. But you will see the Plunder Posse link at the bottom. Click on that to learn more about this fun program.

Bakelite bracelets make fun collectibles.

A New Treasure

But my favorite jewelry piece in this outfit has to be this Bakelite bracelet I picked up last weekend at Deep Creek Vintage. Bakelite was named after its inventor, Leo Baekeland, who invented the plastic in 1907. Bakelite is made from carbolic acid (phenol) and formaldehyde and is considered the first thermosetting plastic. Once a Bakelite product is formed, it will not change shape or melt under heat.

Bakelite jewelry was popular n the 1920s as an affordable and attractive alternative for other materials. It came in translucent and marbled shades as well as several other colors by the 1950s.

This bracelet is amber hued and has a carving of a serpent winding around the whole cuff. It is definitely one of my most unique pieces of jewelry!

A cognac colored blazer is the perfect topper to a fall maxi dress.

The other standout that I want to mention in this outfit is the 70s-inspired leather blazer. I picked up this cognac color jacket from thredUP last year. When this dress came in, I knew the blazer would be a perfect match. The jacket, which is the Wilson’s Leather brand, is secondhand but has a great lived-in softness.

I love wearing leather jackets. You can see more of my looks here and here.

A cognac colored blazer is the perfect topper to a fall maxi dress.

I can see myself wearing this dress beyond Thanksgiving and Christmas. It can be layered with a cardigan, a vest, or for extra warmth, a big bulky sweater. Right now, though, I’m pretty happy with this blazer. There are no spectacular failures happening with this outfit.

Speaking of failures, I’m off to buy my turkey, err, make that two turkeys.

What I Wore

Dress: Here/ Boots: Here/ Belt: Similar/ Bracelet: Similar/ Earrings: Here/ Bakelite Bracelet: Similar/ Leather Jacket: Similar

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Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Maxi dresses are available in several designs. One of the most common designs is floral maxi dress. It is a trend that never goes out of summer fashion. Hence nowadays winter is going that’s why you should wear warm clothing for thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I agree that floral maxi dresses will never go out of style. I’m so glad I found one with long sleeves! Not only is it pretty but it will keep me warm during our cooler months!


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