A Pink Dress In A Secret Garden

A simple summer dress can kick your style up a notch.

I’ve talked before on this blog about all the unique places in our downtown. I am amazed that for as long as I’ve lived here, I still find little nooks and crannies that I have never seen before. That happened to my husband and me after we went out to dinner earlier this week. We like to explore after our meal just to see what’s new in town. After pulling into a parking area so we could walk around, he noticed this little pathway between two buildings. It was lined with shrubs and had climbing plants on one wall and the lattice at the back. It connected two different parking areas between buildings, but really led nowhere special. Still, standing on this pathway made us feel as if we were in a secret garden. It was magical.

A pink dress during the summer can kick your style up a notch.

That’s why I love our little town. We have a quaint main street with shops and restaurants and then there are side streets that can take you to any number of “secret places.”  We discover something new just about every time we go out.

A pink dress during summer can kick your style up a notch.Dinner Date

I wore this pink dress to dinner and brought my denim jacket just in case the restaurant was too cold. This dress is so comfortable. It’s made of a jersey material and is stretchy, but doesn’t lose its shape at the end of the day. I love wearing simple dresses in the summertime. They take your outfit a step or two above a standard t-shirt and shorts look, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I like to ramp things up just a tiny bit when we go out.

Talbots still has this dress available online but not in pink. It looks like black and blue are available on the website. It is on sale for less than $25! You might want to check your local store if you live by one to see if they have any left in stock.

A pink dress during summer can kick your style up a notch.

I wanted to add some shimmer to this outfit so I wore my Martha necklace from Plunder. It’s no longer available but here is one that looks similar. This one also has an antique look.

The Martha necklace from Plunder Design jewelry adds sparkle to any outfit.

I’m also wearing the Lorelei earrings and the Lucinda bracelet. You can purchase all of these Plunder Design jewelry pieces on my website. If you are asked to select a “party,” be sure to choose the one titled “CathyVAugust12017.”

I figured I would carry the sparkle from head to toe so I threw on these Steve Madden gold sandals that I’ve had for a few years. To be honest, sometimes they look gold and other times they appear to be silver, depending on the light. That just makes them so versatile! As I mentioned, these sandals are old, but Amazon has these that would add some shimmer to an outfit.

These silver sandals will add sparkle to any outfit.

A simple summer dress can kick your style up a notch.A pink dress during summer can kick your style up a notch.Exploring your own neighborhood or downtown is a great pastime. You find out what’s going on, what’s going up and what might be going away. You’ll also discover its nooks and crannies, which, to me, are some of the best parts of a little town. So go on, get out there! I bet that somewhere, there’s a secret garden waiting for you, too.

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