A Polka Dot Dress Can Be A Fun Addition To Your Closet

A polka dot dress can be fun, feminine and flirty.

Our dog, Harper, tried running away this weekend and we were terrified. Luckily, she didn’t get far, thanks to some strangers who helped to catch her. I guess if I had a bunch of strangers running at me yelling and trying to grab me, I’d run away, too. We are just happy that Harper was not successful in her escape attempt.

One thing I’ll never run away from are polka dots, especially a polka dot dress. I love the sheath style of this dress! It’s figure skimming, but not low cut, too high or too tight.

A polka dot dress can be fun, feminine and flirty.

Short History of the Polka Dot Dress

Polka dots can add some fun to a serious outfit and they are always in style. For me, polka dots are a throwback to the past when hourglass dresses bedecked with polka dots were worn by my favorite style icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe were also known to fancy the playful pattern. These women were the very definition of femininity, and their outfits helped to curate a healthy love for polka dots among other actresses as well as the not so famous. But let’s not forget that we all have a cartoon character for pushing polka dots into the mainstream. In 1928, Disney’s Minnie Mouse was introduced to the world wearing a polka dot dress and yellow shoes.

A polka dot dress can be fun, feminine and flirty.

How To Make Polka Dots Work

Although I love Minnie, as an older woman, I don’t want to look cartoonish in my polka dots. For me, the key to adding sophistication and style to the much loved print is to wear it on a classic silhouette such as this sheath dress. I’m a big fan of sheath dresses because they are flattering on all body types and are always classic. You can see how I styled one of my sheath dresses here.

A polka dot dress is fun, feminine and flirty.

This dress is several years old and I keep coming back to it for different occasions. It’s a perfect dress to wear to work; just add a tailored white blazer and you’re ready for office hours. Remove the blazer and you’re dressed for dinner. You can also add strappy heels and wear this dress to a wedding or other special celebration.

A polka dot dress can be fun, feminine and flirty.

In addition to the polka dots, there are a few other things that make this dress special. The neck has a wrap design to it. I love this style because it is not too low cut and the wrap adds even more unique style to this dress. The ruched side on the left also helps hide tummy rolls and provides a little more room to move in the front. I bought this dress several years ago and I can’t find it anywhere. But I did link to similar polka dot dresses below. Also, here’s a cute one on Amazon.

Aqua heels can pop against a polka dot dress. A Perfect Match

The aqua pumps I’m wearing in these photos were a surprise find. I bought the dress first and wore it with black pumps. I was at a shoe store looking for something else when I came across these shoes. Of course, I snapped them up just for this dress because the aqua color in the shoes was a perfect match to the aqua dots in the dress. These are the Comfort Plus by Predictions brand and they are extremely comfortable. The rounded toe box does not pinch my toes and the medium heel is not too high. These shoes are old, but you can find the Comfort Plus by Predictions brand on Amazon here. I could not find the Aqua color, but there are several other colors available. Below are links to other similar pumps.

A white top handle purse pairs well with a black and aqua polka dot dress.

I paired the dress with my trusty white purse because I thought it would be a nice contrast against the black and aqua without commanding too much attention. When you wear polka dots, you want all eyes on the polka dots!

This pearl necklace features a swirl design with pearls placed apart . For that same reason, I kept my jewelry simple, wearing a white pearl necklace and matching bracelet. I love how the pearls in the necklace look like polka dots! This necklace is old, but here’s a similar one on Amazon. Below are a few others I found.

If you don’t have polka dots in your closet, get thee to a store, quick (or to your computer where you can shop online)! Once you find the perfect polka dot piece, whether it’s a dress, blouse, scarf or pants, don’t run away, run toward it. You’ll have a fun new piece in your wardrobe that you can dress up or down.

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  1. Beautiful! I love how you contrast the whole ensemble with a different color shoe that definitely caught my attention, I would totally wear this, polka dots never go out of style and you just demonstrated that 👍🏾

    1. Thank you, Diana! I’m a huge fan of classic patterns like polka dots. They are always in style! The shoes were such a perfect match to the aqua in the dress that I just could not pass them up (although black and nude heels would also work). Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

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