A Shimmery Pleated Skirt for the Holidays

A velvet pleated skirt adds a pretty retro vibe to a holiday outfit.

We visited my in-laws this weekend for an early Thanksgiving celebration. While we were waiting for the turkey to cook, my husband, our four sons and I decided to take a hike on a walking trail behind my in-laws’ house. With our dog in tow, we started off on a cleared out path that led into a forest. It was a warm and breezy day and leaves were falling all around us as we made our way deeper into the woods.

A velvet pleated skirt adds a pretty retro vibe to a holiday outfit. About 45 minutes into the walk, the boys decided that they wanted to head home. But following the trail would mean another 40 minutes until we got back to the house. Finding our own way would get us there in about 10 minutes (according to Google maps).

We turned away from the path and proceeded to make our way over tree limbs, large rocks and brambles. Along the way, we found a shovel, parts of an iron bench, and two forts built with pallet wood. We also came across a little stream with several miniature waterfalls. We stopped so the boys could take pictures. Then we came to a ravine that was filled with rocks, mud and branches. On the other side was the face of a hill that, if we could somehow make our way up it and then over, we would be back into the neighborhood.

Our youngest son jumped into the ravine, onto a rock, and across the muddy stream. He then made his way up a fallen tree trunk and scrambled up the side of the hill.

The rest of us followed suit, except our dog. I had to pick her up and hand her to one of my sons, who was on top of the hill. She wasn’t exactly sure what was going on and went completely stiff, which made the whole situation funnier. Somehow, with all of us laughing we made it across the muddy ravine, climbed up the tree trunk, jumped across to the hillside and pulled ourselves over the top.

A velvet pleated skirt adds a pretty retro vibe to a holiday outfit.

With mud on our shoes, leaves in our hair and the smell of the forest clinging to our clothes, we ended up  in someone’s nicely manicured backyard. As we made our way to the street, the neighbors were out front with their own kids.

“You know, if you walked south about five more minutes, you would have come to a wooden bridge that would have carried you over the ravine,” they said.

We burst out laughing. If we had stayed on the trail, our way home would have been much easier. But then we would have missed out on the little “treasures” that we found, the stream of waterfalls, and the comedic climb through the ravine, up the tree trunk, and onto the hill.

Sometimes, going off the beaten path can be so much more fun than following the path others have forged.

A velvet pleated skirt adds a pretty retro vibe to a holiday outfit.

There are some who might say my outfit today is a little off the beaten path. It’s not exactly what’s being shown on the cover of magazines or all over popular Instagram feeds or fashion blogs. Not everything I’m wearing is new. In fact, I’ve owned some pieces of this outfit for years (and one item in particular for decades).

But you know what? I absolutely love it.

A velvet pleated skirt adds a pretty retro vibe to a holiday outfit.

It’s feminine, comfortable and has a retro vibe to it. I like how I look and feel in this outfit. That’s pretty much all that should matter to you when putting your outfits together – your opinion. You’re the one wearing the clothes, nobody else. If you’re happy with it, then wear it.

A velvet pleated skirt adds a pretty retro vibe to a holiday outfit.

Let me first talk about of the skirt in this outfit because that’s what I used to build the rest of the outfit. I picked it up at Target a few weeks ago with a holiday gathering in mind. With its velvety texture and shimmery pale pink color, I thought it would be a great alternative to the reds, deep greens and other jewel colors of the holiday season.

A velvet top adds pretty texture to a holiday outfit.

I paired it with a maroon velvet Vera Wang top that I bought from Kohls several years ago. It is so soft and drapes nicely. It also has a pretty mesh- like trim around the bottom, which adds a nice and unexpected detail.

These pretty heels add a retro vibe to a holiday outfit.

My Clarks heels were a perfect color match to the top. With its dual design of suede and leather, they are dressier than a plain leather pump. If you follow my blog, you know that Clarks are my go-to brand for shoes. I never seem to go wrong with this brand. These shoes are old but they are not showing any signs of wear and tear.

Antique looking jewelry adds a pretty retro vibe to a holiday outfit.

I wanted to wear some vintage looking jewelry to go along with the retro look of this outfit. My Plunder Design pieces are perfect vintage pieces. I’m wearing earrings and a necklace from my November Plunder Posse set. Posse is a special program in which you are sent a few pieces of jewelry each month for a flat rate of $25.00 with tax and shipping included. The pieces are always a surprise. There is no sign up fee and you can cancel anytime.

If you’d like to find out more about the Posse program, click here. Then go to the “Enroll Now” link at the bottom. You won’t be signed up for anything. But you will see the Plunder Posse link at the bottom. Click on that to learn more about this fun program.

These pieces are no longer available on the Plunder website, but I linked some similar items below.

Antique looking jewelry adds a pretty retro vibe to a holiday outfit.

I’m wearing two bracelets – one is from Plunder and the other is a pearl bracelet I’ve had for years. The Plunder piece is called the Lucinda and I love how it matches the necklace and earrings.

An antique looking handbag adds a pretty retro vibe to a holiday outfit.

My purse is actually something I was given over 30 years ago when I was a “princess” in the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. While I would love to tell you this story now, this post is already pretty long so you’ll just have to come back and visit for that story!

I kept this gorgeous purse ever since then and have used it for formal and informal events. It’s definitely a piece I’ll pass down to my granddaughters. I hope they’ll appreciate its beauty as well as the story behind it.

This is an outfit that would look perfect for a holiday dinner, family gathering, or for a church service. You could dress it up even more by adding a fitted velvet blazer and knee-high boots. I think a navy blue velvet blazer would be gorgeous and different from the expected black blazer.

A velvet pleated skirt adds a pretty retro vibe to a holiday outfit.

Go ahead, take a few steps off the beaten path with your fashion choices. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you are the one choosing the path.

What I Wore

Pleated Skirt: Here/ Velvet Top: Similar/ Heels: Similar/ Earrings: Similar/ Necklace: Similar/ Bracelet: Here/ Pearl Bracelet: Similar/ Bag: Similar/ Beret: Similar

Photos by Hunter I. Riddle

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I’ll leave you with a photo of us starting out on our hiking expedition. This was taken by my husband at the beginning of the trail before we headed into the woods.

Going off the beaten path.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a wonderful day!

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