Accessories Rescue a Black Swing Dress

Pretty silver and pink jewelry can ramp up the style factor of a comfortable black swing dress.

I have mixed feelings about a swing dress. When I see them on other women, they look wonderful. When I see one on me, I cringe. On my body, they seem shapeless and frumpy. But this black one from J. Jill is so comfortable, I can’t kick it out of my closet. The material skims the body, is extremely soft, moves easily and is the perfect lightweight dress for summer. The length is just right, hitting slightly above my knees. Although you can’t see it, there is a cute inverted pleat on the back, giving this dress a little something extra to stand out among its colleagues. Did I say how comfortable it is? I could sleep in this dress!

Pretty silver and pink jewelry can ramp up the style factor of a comfortable black swing dress.

Just fyi – J. Jill calls this an A-line dress. To me, it feels more of a swing dress because it has a lot of room to move. I’ve worn this dress before in this post. But I don’t wear it often and I want to change that. So I thought I would liven it up a little with some add-ons, namely jewelry, a cute handbag and shiny, happy sandals.

First, the Bling

If you follow me on Facebook (please do!), you’ll know that I posted a picture of this new jewelry set from Plunder as soon as I received it. This is the Plunder Posse set for August. You can read about Plunder Posse on my website. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Enroll Now link. Don’t worry, you won’t be automatically signed up for anything. This link will simply take you to the page that has more information about Plunder Posse. I immediately thought about how the silver and fuchsia would pop against this dress and knew that they would make a perfect pairing. I think I made the right call!

This set is not available but here is a very similar necklace called the Jenna with a similar pendant. These Emily earrings match the necklace.

Pretty silver and pink jewelry can ramp up the style factor of a comfortable black swing dress. The necklace with the flower-looking tassel is so unusual and such a pretty pink. The matching silver earrings are right up my alley because they are long, lightweight and sparkle against my dark hair (but they don’t become tangled in my hair). Please forgive the awkward pose, but I wanted to make sure you could see the earrings and how they match with the necklace.

This silver belt buckle bracelet adds a special touch to a black swing dress outfit.

I’m also wearing the Samson bracelet, which is a silver belt buckle elastic bracelet that is adjustable. This is another unique piece that makes this whole look even more interesting. Above is a closeup of that bracelet and below is a closeup of everything together.

Pretty silver and pink jewelry can ramp up the style factor of a comfortable black swing dress.

I’m wearing an old pair of silver “dexflex comfort” sandals. They have a really pretty braided design with sparkles on the top, a 1-inch heel, and a moderately padded footbed, which makes them very comfortable. Their silver color gave this outfit sparkle from head to toe! I couldn’t find the exact pair anywhere, but this one on Amazon is by Aerosoles and it looks very cute and comfortable.

A light blue handbag adds a nice pop of color to a dark outfit.I thought this light blue Rosetti handbag added an unexpected color to the black and pink. I bought this purse from Kohls last year and have used it more than I thought I would this spring and summer. You can see how many pockets are on the outside. There are just as many, if not more, on the inside! Sometimes, I lose things because I can’t figure out which pocket they are in. Still, it’s a handy purse if you are like me and like to carry something from just about every room in your house in your handbag. This bag is old but below are a few other Rosetti purses.

Pretty silver and pink jewelry can ramp up the style factor of a comfortable black swing dress.I think the key to making this swing dress work are the accessories. From the jewelry to the handbag and the sandals, they all add enough interesting sparkle, color and texture to liven up the outfit. The all-black dress is the perfect canvas for the pops of color and shine.

J. Jill has this dress available on their website but in very limited sizes. Here are a few other options you might like.

One Dress Four Ways?

As the weather starts to cool down, I can see this dress with a long cream or oatmeal-colored cardigan, and some orange and gold accessories. Hmmm, I think I now have an idea for another future outfit post with this dress! That actually brings me to one of my “unofficial” fashion rules: if you can use a piece in at least three ways and create different looks every time, then you’re making a good investment. So now I’m thinking I can throw on some black tights, boots and a heavier sweater and wear this dress in the winter. For spring, light-colored ballet flats, a long pastel color cardigan in blue, pink or even yellow and a pretty spring scarf would be perfect.

Friends, I may just have my first fashion series: One Dress, Four Seasons! Stay tuned!

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