Adding Elegance To a Floral Pencil Skirt Outfit

A floral pencil skirt gets a fall remodel with some warm and elegant accessories.

My youngest son found out last night that he got his first job! I’m so excited for him! It’s only part-time at a fast-food restaurant, but he is still in high school so he can’t take on too many additional projects. This is a huge accomplishment for him. He applied on his own and didn’t tell me until after he sent his application in. I took him to the interview and he thought he didn’t get it because he didn’t hear back from them right away. But he received an email last night asking him to come to orientation.

First jobs are always exciting in my opinion. He’ll feel that little streak of independence with something that is completely outside our family world. And then once that first paycheck comes in…..I’m sure it will feel like a million bucks to him!

My first job was at a Roy Rogers restaurant. Remember those? Maybe I’m dating myself. I had to wear a red polyester short-sleeve shirt, a denim overall dress, nude-colored nylons and – this is the best part – a cowboy hat.

A floral pencil skirt gets a fall remodel with some warm and elegant accessories.Thank goodness that uniform didn’t ruin my love for fashion (at least I hope it didn’t – you tell me!). My outfit today is a far cry from that first job outfit. As part of Day 3 of the Thrifted Chic Style Challenge, I’m wearing a thrifted skirt and carrying the cutest little thrifted box clutch.

The challenge requires that we feature something thrifted each day this week. It could be clothing, accessories, furniture or home decor. You can find the challenge on Instagram at #thriftedchicstylechallenge. I hope you will also follow me on Instagram via @cathyvstyle. You can see the thrifted pieces in Monday’s outfit here and my thrifted piece in yesterday’s post here.

I picked up the skirt and the clutch a couple of weeks ago at Clothes Mentor, a women’s resale store. I’ve really scored some great pieces in there. You can see a cool leather jacket I found there for $14 in this post.

A floral pencil skirt gets a fall remodel with some warm and elegant accessories.

This skirt feels like it’s made out of the “scuba” material that is popular these days. It has that same smooth feel and body skimming fit. But what really caught my eye was its pretty floral and geometric patterns. It’s one of those designs that I can wear any time of the year. In fact, I have a light pink long blazer that I may try it with for the spring.

I paired this with my faux leather belted jacket that I picked up from New York & Company ages ago. I can’t believe how well this jacket has stood the test of time. I’m wearing a plain tee under the jacket.

A burgundy pashmina adds color and warmth to a floral skirt outfit.

I wanted to pull in some of the colors of the skirt on the upper part of my outfit so I wrapped my burgundy pashmina scarf around my neck. It adds a nice focal point up top and brings some softness to the whole look.

I also added earrings and a bracelet that highlight colors from the skirt. I didn’t get the best picture of my earrings but I have a direct link to them below. They are cross-shaped and dark blue, aqua and jade. Though they look chunky, they are easy to wear.

This pink crystal bracelet adds light hues to a dark floral fall outfit.

I also added this beautiful bracelet which features light pink crystals that match the pinks in the skirt.

Tan wedge booties add warmth to a fall floral pencil skirt outfit.

There’s a lot of black going on already, so I pulled on my beige wedges for a different look and to also help elongate my legs. I really like  how this whole outfit creates a long and lean column of a silhouette. Makes me feel taller than I really am – ha ha!

This gray box clutch adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

And now to this cute box clutch. Doesn’t it look like a little present? I love it! This would be perfect to carry with a holiday dress. But you don’t need to save your fancy bags for a dressy occasion. Take them out if you want to add a little pizzazz to your every day wear.

In fact, I would have taken this clutch to my first job at Roy Rogers if I had owned it back then. A cowboy hat and a pretty clutch; how’s that for some subtle elegance?

What I Wore

Skirt (Clothes Mentor): Similar, Similar/ Jacket (Old): Similar, Similar/ Wedge Booties (Old): Similar, Similar/ Box Clutch (Clothes Mentor): Similar, Similar/ Earrings: Here/ Bracelet: Here/ Scarf: Similar

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Photos by Hunter I. Riddle

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