Adding Layers With A Denim Vest

A white denim vest adds more personality to classic stripes.

When I first met my husband, “gardener” is not a word I would have used to describe him. Ever. To me, he was a city slicker with an affinity for the same cocktail, same local restaurants, and a love of celebrating anything and everything, He was definitely not someone who wanted to get dirt under his fingernails. Or so I thought. His garden has now taken over a good piece of our backyard and we enjoy fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and many other vegetables all summer long. This hidden layer beneath my husband’s urban exterior is a welcome surprise to me and adds another unique dimension to his personality.

A white denim vest adds more personality to classic stripes.

Layering clothes can have the same effect. Take this outfit, for example. The striped dress is fine on its own, but with the denim vest, it takes on a slightly different look. Adding layers, even during warmer months, gives a little more character to an outfit. The dress was an early summer purchase for me from Old Navy and it’s very comfortable. I can’t find the exact one online anymore, but I’ve linked to similar options below. You may also want to check your local Old Navy store to see if they are still in stock. Here’s a cute alternative on Amazon.

Adding Structure With A Denim Vest

Denim vests are usually paired with breezy dresses to give them some structure. I applied the same concept here except my dress is more form fitting. The vest gives the figure-skimming silhouette more weight and structure (but not bulk). I also think this vest steps the dress up a notch or two.

A white denim vest adds more personality to classic stripes.

Denim vests are another example of a versatile classic piece that will give you many options during all seasons. In the summer, they pair well with dresses and tanks. In the winter, they can add an extra layer of warmth over a turtleneck or other long-sleeve blouse.

A white denim vest adds more personality to classic stripes.

This white denim vest from Chicos has a slightly distressed look, but it’s not riddled with holes or shredded material. The denim is thin enough so that it doesn’t add bulk to your outfit. I think it also helps provide a nice block of color among all the stripes. I bought this vest earlier this year and I could not find this one online anymore, but there are a few other options for you below. You may also want to check your local Chicos store to see if they still have it in stock.

Red leather wedges add a pop of color to a black and white outfit.

I love pairing black and white with red and these leather wedges from Clarks have been getting quite a workout this summer. If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you’ll notice that I tend to wear Clarks shoes quite a bit. Although they are sometimes pricey, they’re comfortable, stylish and high quality. I know they’ll stand up to the tough workouts I put them through. This particular style is on sale so you may want to give them a look.

A white denim vest adds more personality to classic stripes.

Try layering if you haven’t already done so. You can always peel them off during the day if you get too warm. I tend to keep mine on because layers on an outfit, like layers of a person, make life much more interesting!

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  1. Love the concept of layering denim vest over a dress. I have a couple of them and will definitely experiment. This is so beautiful, thank you for the tips.

    1. You are welcome! I love denim vests, especially when we start to transition to Fall. The vests will allow us to wear our summer dresses a little while longer by adding a layer of warmth. Thanks for commenting!

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