Bring On The Bling!

Can you relate to this saying? I sure can! In fact, it describes me to a t! I have quite the jewelry collection, including a number of handmade pieces by my sister and people I’ve known over the years. I especially love vintage pieces, such as the ruby ring on a silver filigree setting that my grandmother gave to me when I was 16 years old. My grandfather had given it to her when was 16. I also have my other grandmother’s beautiful gold bangle that was carved by a man in the village she lived in on the South Pacific island of Guam. Both of these pieces are special to me because of their design and the stories behind them.

I’m always on the hunt for unique pieces to add to my collection. So when I first came across Plunder Design jewelry, I was immediately drawn to their vintage styles. I started doing a little research, asking questions, reading about the company and looking at the online catalog. The more I learned, the more I was smitten! So much so that I am now an independent Stylist for Plunder! I have no idea where this new chapter of my life will lead, but I’m excited to give it a try.

I just ordered a bunch of jewelry and can’t wait to start showing you what they look like on the blog. I’m including a sneak peek at some of the pieces I received when I signed up to be a Stylist in this post. You can see the whole catalog on my website by clicking here. My name will be on upper right hand side of page. To get to the catalog, just click on the “Shop” button right under my name. Plunder makes it so easy to order. You can do everything online and have your order shipped directly to you.

These leather earrings are large and light, adding a unique touch to an outfit.

In this photo, I’m wearing the largest pair of earrings I own! But they are also the most comfortable. They are the burgundy leather Kalani earrings. They are as light as a feather. I wore them all day and they did not pull on my ears or cause any pain.

In this next picture, I’m wearing two pieces that are “retired” and no longer available in the catalog, but I wanted to show them anyway to give you an idea of how cute and detailed the designs are. The necklace is an antique gold chain featuring a seal and a red ball. The earrings have a pearl on each of them and the word “Blessed” is imprinted on the heart. I love how both of these pieces bring color to my outfit as well as a fun touch (you’ll see the rest of this outfit in the next few weeks on the blog).

Unique jewelry pieces can make your outfit stand out even nore.

This next piece is the Hope inspirational bracelet. I apologize that this photo is blurry but I think you can get a general of how delicate this bracelet is. It features a tiny pendant that has the word “hope” inscribed on it. Check out the online picture because that will give you a detailed look. This bracelet is under the “Inspirational” tab of the menu on my site. While you are there, check out the other inspirational pieces. Like the earrings, this bracelet is very lightweight so it didn’t bother me or get in the way when I wore it. It is nine inches long and adjusts to fit.

I hope you’ll browse through the online catalog to see all that Plunder offers. Not only is the jewelry beautiful and unique, but the prices are budget friendly. If you’d like to invite a few of your friends over and host a gathering so they can look through the catalog and see some of the pieces I have, please send me an email at and I’ll be happy to work with you on that.

Plunder also offers its Plunder Posse, which is a program in which they send you special pieces (1-3 items) each month for a flat rate of $25.00 with tax and shipping included. You can cancel any time. I’ve signed up for Plunder Posse this month and will do a post on the blog showing you what the package includes when it arrives. You can read about Plunder Posse on my website. Scroll to the bottom and click on the Enroll Now link. Don’t worry, you won’t be automatically signed up for anything. This link will simply take you to the page that has more information about Plunder Posse.

Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at You can also reach out to me on Facebook at

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If you’re like me, you’ll go into Target to take advantage of the above deals and come out with something that was not on your list, like a huge piece of art that won’t fit in your car. Yes, this happened to me. My husband and kids who came to my rescue in our van don’t let me forget it either.

Have a great weekend! If you go shopping, take your bigger car!

Please note that this is not a sponsored post but it does contains affiliate links which means I get a commission if you click and/or purchase products in the links. Please see my Disclosure Page for more information. I am also an independent Stylist for Plunder Design and receive a commission if you purchase any of the products through my links and/or website.