Enhance Your Personal Style With Second-Hand Clothes

Sometimes second hand clothes are still new with tags attached, such as this blouse.

I have a thing for second-hand clothes. I love that I’m saving money. I love that I may find something unique. I love the thrill of the hunt for something that is new to me. So you can imagine how excited I was to discover thredUP, the online store for high quality second-hand clothes. But I know you couldn’t hear me squeal when I found a dress that still had its original price tags attached. I mean, I knew thredUP sold used clothes, including designer brands, but new items, with the tags still attached, and at a fraction of its original cost? I was almost speechless (that’s because I was squealing).

Sometimes second hand clothes are still new with tags attached, such as this blouse.

The Search for Second-Hand Clothes

My love of thrifting was born out of necessity during my college days. At one point, I was working three jobs so I could pay for my tuition and books. I lived at home, so I didn’t have to pay room and board at school, but I did commute and needed gas money. Whenever I had a few extra dollars for clothes, I didn’t spend them at the mall; I ended up at thrift stores where I knew I could put together a decent outfit for half of what I would have paid had the clothes been brand new.

Sometimes second hand clothes are still new with tags attached, such as this blouse.

As I progressed in my career and my paychecks grew, I was able to afford the new stuff, but I still love to shop in thrift stores for the reasons I mentioned above (saving money, unique finds, thrill of the hunt). And it’s not just one-of-a-kind clothes that I search for; I also love second-hand shops for unique items for my house. In fact, I live close to an old manor house that was renovated into a vintage shop. Deep Creek Vintage sells all kinds of goodies and I have to force myself not to go there every weekend; otherwise, I’d be completely broke. I mention Deep Creek Vintage briefly in this post, but plan to do a more in-depth post when I style a vintage wrap skirt that I found there earlier this summer.

The Story Behind the Top

I hadn’t shopped at thredUP before I bought this dress and was curious (and I know I keep calling it a dress even though what I’m wearing looks like a blouse. I’ll explain later). I browsed through its website one morning and this dress immediately caught my eye because of its bold colors. It is unlike anything I have in my closet, and I could picture wearing it throughout the summer. The online description said that the top was from the Marimekko collection. Marimekko is a Finnish company that was established in 1951. It is known for its original print and colors and for being true to its mission, which, according to its website, is “bringing joy to every day life.” Below is a closeup of the top so you can see its rich colors. How can they not make you happy?

Tailor to the Rescue

Now I know why this dress caught my eye! It is actually from the Marimekko for Target collection, which came out in 2016. Although I am a frequent Target shopper, I don’t remember seeing these clothes in my store. Thankfully, my online thrifting introduced me to the colorful brand. This top was a short dress when I purchased it from thredUP, but it shrank a little too much after I washed and dried it. It was still a bit long for a shirt, so I took it to my tailor and asked her to shorten it a little.  And there you have it. Another miracle by the hands of a darn good tailor! I mention her first miracle here.

Sometimes second hand clothes are still new with tags attached, such as this blouse.

I love the bold colors of my new-to-me top because they remind me of the tropics. My white denim skirt is a perfect match, allowing the top to shine without distraction. You may have seen this skirt before; I wore it last week with a black linen tank top that I purchased last year from Target. You can see that outfit in this post. I knew I would wear this skirt a lot this summer. It goes with everything and it is extremely comfortable!

Sometimes second hand clothes are still new with tags attached, such as this blouse.

I did match the orange in the blouse with an orange clutch from Target and rust color slide sandals from TJ Maxx. The top of the sandals has a flower design, mimicking the orange flowers in the blouse. How cute is that?

Orange Suede Sandals dress up an outfit of second hand clothes.

If you haven’t given second-hand clothes a try, I highly recommend it. Not only are you bound to save money, but you may want to try something that is a little out of your usual style comfort zone. You could always alter it a little so it reflects more of your taste. If you don’t like it, at least you’ll know you didn’t break the bank on the purchase. Then again, that second-hand item could enhance your personal style just a little.

Are you a fan of second-hand clothes? What kind of treasures have you found?

*Note: This post is not a sponsored post. I just really like thredUP!