Express Your Individuality: Track Pants and A Boyfriend Blazer

Black track pants are updated for the office with heels and a plaid boyfriend blazer.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are still enjoying this holiday week. We went to see my parents for a quick visit and then came back home to spend time with my husband’s parents and uncle. Since the kids are off from school, I’ve got various appointments to get them to and I’m also still working my part-time job. So while we are still in holiday mode, we do have a bit of a To-Do list.

Black track pants are updated for the office with heels and a plaid boyfriend blazer.

Our relatives left yesterday and my step-sons went back to their mom’s house so I spent some time with my own two sons. I love spending this individual time with any of the four kids because of the interesting discussions we always end up having. Yesterday was no different. My older son, who will be 18 in May, is beginning to exert a little independence and explore his individuality. He has grown his hair out over the last few years, started working out at a mixed martial arts gym, and has decided to take a gap year after he graduates from high school. While I don’t always agree with his choices, I’m learning to be more accepting of them.

I’ve tried to guide him over the years, but I can’t force him to take the path I want him to take. Believe me, I’ve tried and it doesn’t end up well for either of us. So I’ve told him that I will support him in his decisions, as long as they are not illegal, harmful to himself or others, and involves him working hard to reach his goals, even though his goals may be different from my goals are (were) for him. I just want him to be happy, safe and accomplished.

Black track pants are updated for the office with heels and a plaid boyfriend blazer.

Celebrating Individuality

We’re both in a good place with this. But not everyone is. Over the last few years, I’ve heard others comparing our four boys with each other. That has never made any sense to me because our kids are four different individuals. Why would I want them to be exactly the same as each other? Just because one of them isn’t involved in organized team sports or another decides he isn’t going to college right out of high school does not in any way make them less successful, less lovable, or less intelligent.

It does make them more of an individual and that is perfectly okay.

Black track pants are updated for the office with heels and a plaid boyfriend blazer.

One of the things I love about blogging is seeing people celebrate their own individuality. No matter what your taste in style or fashion, there is sure to be someone out there to inspire you. I’m hoping you may find some inspiration in my outfit today.

A Dressy Casual Look for the Office

Many people have to work during this holiday week and for some, their work outfits can be a little more casual. Co-workers are out of the office, there usually aren’t as many meetings, and the customer visits are down  because everyone is off visiting with family and friends. With this more laid back atmosphere in mind, I’ve taken a basic suit “uniform” and given it a casual vibe that makes it appropriate for the office but comfortable as well.

I built my outfit around these flowy pants with white side stripes. Some people call these track pants and others call them tuxedo pants. I was drawn to their full style because that makes them comfortable to wear all day. But these pants have a zipper closure and pockets, which gives them more of a trouser feel.

Black track pants are updated for the office with heels and a plaid boyfriend blazer.

To make the pants even more appropriate for the office, I threw on this plaid boyfriend blazer from Target. Like the pants, this blazer is pretty roomy and very comfortable. It’s also on sale at a super discounted price right now. I’ve linked it below.

A long pendant necklace adds interest to a blank tank layered under a plaid blazer.

I layered a black tank underneath to pull together the black in the pants and the blazer. To add some interest to the top part of my outfit, I wore a long pendant necklace with faux pearls and crystals as well as matching crystal earrings.

Faux pearl and crystal earrings add sparkle to a work outfit.

The necklace and earrings were part of a Plunder Posse set that came in the mail. Plunder Posse is a program that allows you to receive surprise jewelry each month. Sometimes that surprise is a bracelet and earring set, or necklace and earrings, or some other combination. It costs $25 a month and you can end the program whenever you want. To find out more about the Posse program, click here. The necklace and earring set I’m wearing with this outfit is no longer available, but I’m linking similar items below.

You can see other Plunder Posse items I’ve received here, here and here.

A pearl bracelet wrapped around my wrist matches perfectly with the pearls in the necklace.

I could have worn flats with this outfit but I wanted to dress up the look with black heels. These Sam Edelman pumps add a bit more flair to this overly casual look. I’m also featuring my hardy black clutch for a sleek touch.

A black clutch adds sleek sophistication to a work outfit featuring track pants.

This outfit would make a great casual Friday look but would also work in an office that has a casual vibe all year round. I wore this exact outfit to my office for a meeting before the holidays. As soon as I walked in the door, I heard comments. Someone even asked jokingly if I was ready to walk in a military formation (I hadn’t thought of these pants as having a military look to them).

You know what? I didn’t mind the comments one bit. If I had styled the pieces in this outfit on their own, they may not have garnered any interest. But style is our own personal touch on clothes and how we wear them. If you have an outfit that expresses your own individuality, wear it with a smile. Don’t worry about comparing yourself with others. Be the one that stands out!

Black track pants are updated for the office with heels and a plaid boyfriend blazer.

What I Wore

Boyfriend Blazer: Here/ Track Pants: Similar/ Black Tank: Similar/ Black Heels: Here/ Necklace: Similar/ Earrings: Similar/ Bracelet: Similar/ Black Clutch: Similar

Please note that I receive a small commission if you click and/or purchase items through my affiliate links. I am also an independent Stylist for Plunder Design jewelry and receive a commission when you purchase jewelry through my links.

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