Fall Transition Outfit No. 1 and a Rare Compliment

This silver belt buckle necklace adds some shine to a dark outfit.

When you’re a mom of teens, compliments from them to you do not come fast and furious. At least not in my household. My teens seem to be mainly concerned about themselves. I don’t say that to be insulting or critical; it’s just a fact of life in Teen World. But last week, I received a compliment from one of my boys and it’s one of those moments that will stay with me forever.

Before my son Hunter had his knee surgery in July, he went on a hike with some of his friends. He said they were complaining about their troubled relationships with their mothers. I think at one point they looked at him to add some validation to their diatribes and he said, “Honestly guys, I don’t have that type of relationship with my mom. She is actually a lot of fun and I like being around her.”

Say What?

I asked him if he really said that or was he telling me he said that just to make me feel good. He assured me that he said that.

Wow. I know I felt my eyes well up with tears but I didn’t want him to see that because you, know, teens don’t want to be caught hanging with their crying mom. So I turned around quickly, grabbed that moment and locked it away till later.

And when it was later, I couldn’t stop thinking about what he said. Remember Sally Field at the Oscars (yes, I’m that old). You like me! You really like me! I was Sally Field in all her tearful glory. My son actually liked me and he wasn’t afraid to tell his friends. I’m welling up again.

Parent Performance Evaluations?

In a blended family of step-kids and step-parents, the blending takes time. Even when the blender is going really strong, things don’t always come out as smoothly as we’d like. But my husband and I try our hardest to ensure that each one of our kids knows that we love him no matter what.

Sometimes, it is hard to know how we’re doing. At work, most people are evaluated on their performance. I always knew I did well based on my boss’ feedback, the scores in my evaluation and subsequent raise. But parents don’t receive a performance evaluation (unless you base it on the number of rolled eyes, grunts and time spent in their bedrooms as feedback from teens), and we certainly don’t receive a raise from our kids. Sometimes it feels like we’re just grasping in the dark. But then you hear a compliment from your kid masked in a story about an afternoon out with friends, and all I can say is that I’ll take that over a raise any day.

A fall transition outfit can be as simple as adding a vibrant orange color to your late summer wardrobe.

Okay! Now that my box of tissues on my desk is gone, let’s talk about today’s outfit! This week, I had planned to show you a few ways to transition into fall, but we were out of town and not able to take the photos I wanted. But I’ll share what I do have and hopefully get back on track.

Pick A Fall Color

Although it’s still pretty hot here in Virginia, there are some easy ways to start incorporating fall looks into your wardrobe when September rolls around. Color is an easy way to transition into those cooler temps and I love a vibrant orange. I wore this outfit to the office last week for a meeting. You’ve seen this Talbots dress before in this post. It looks great on its own, but it’s also easy to wear with a blazer.

A fall transition outfit can be as simple as adding a vibrant orange color to your late summer wardrobe.

This is an old blazer I bought from Loft several years ago and I go back to it every year, not just in the fall, but throughout the summer as well. It’s 100 percent cotton and is light enough for warm temps but adds a layer for cooler mornings or evenings. It also has a flattering shape with a slightly nipped in waist, a zippered closure, two side pockets and a cute gathered neckline. And of course, the orange color immediately puts me in the mood for a pumpkin spice latte!

As I mentioned, this blazer is old, but I’ll link a few similar options at the end of this post.

A fall transition outfit can be as simple as adding a vibrant orange color to your late summer wardrobe.

This navy blue dress was a perfect color partner for the blazer. I also knew that it was work-appropriate and I would still look professional if it became too warm to wear the blazer.

Add Colorful Accessories

I love gold and orange so I wore these Ashton matte gold earrings. My hair is longer, so I love statement earrings because they can be easily seen. You can see them better in the pic below.

Statement earrings and necklaces can add pattern and texture to an outfit.

I felt this color block outfit needed something more beyond its two main colors of orange and navy. This Tory multi-color beaded necklace is a perfect accessory. Not only does it pull in the two main colors of the dress and blazer, but it also has other colors such as yellow, pink and light blue as well as contrasting strands of shapes and textures.

A statement bracelet can add pattern and texture to an outfit.

I also wore this matching Sofia bracelet. You can buy the necklace and bracelet separately or as a set. If you want to purchase it as a set, be sure to look for the Marigold set on my website. The set also comes with these Adella yellow and crystal oval earrings.

You can purchase all of these Plunder Design jewelry pieces on my website. Click the Shop button under my name. If you are asked to select a “party,” be sure to choose the one titled “CathyVAugust12017.”

A brown leather tote is perfect for carrying all of your essentials plus some during the work day.

This brown tote is perfect to carry all of my essentials and some extras, plus it adds to the Fall palette with its dark color. I bought it several years ago on Amazon and can’t find the same exact purse. This one is similar and it’s received good reviews.

Nude kitten heels elongate the legs but keep you comfortable with their manageable height.

I added my comfortable Clarks kitten heels to help elongate my legs. They also allow me to move easily with their manageable height. These shoes are old but here’s a similar pair of Clarks. I also have a few pairs of these comfort pumps and I just ordered another pair of the nude color (mine were pretty old).

A fall transition outfit can be as simple as adding a vibrant orange color to your late summer wardrobe.So there you have it, a quick and easy way to start transitioning your late summer wardrobe into Fall. While I may pick up one or two seasonal pieces to add to my wardrobe, I already have many things that I can easily use to transition between seasons. Other than the dress and the jewelry, the other pieces of this outfit have been in my closet for ages. I hope this post has been helpful; maybe you also have pieces in your closet that you can pair together for a new look as we transition into cooler weather.

And yes, this last picture includes my pup, Harper. She’s usually pretty good about listening and staying out of our pictures, but she worked her way into a few shots this afternoon. Maybe she needed a compliment. I have it on good authority that it’s nice to hear one every now and then.

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