Fall Transition Outfit No. 2 and the American Dream

A denim jacket can help transition summer clothes into a fall transition outfit.

Last week, one of my neighbor’s kids knocked on my door in the middle of the afternoon. When I opened it, he said “We are selling lemonade and muffins. Do you want some?” I looked across my yard and sure enough, there was his brother and another neighbor’s daughter sitting at two tables loaded with goodies, an umbrella to keep the sun at bay and a few handwritten signs. I told him I needed to get some money and would be right over. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one who they queried. The kids took turns running up and down the street, knocking on doors, asking people to come outside and have some lemonade and muffins. They had all their earnings in a Mason jar. I loved that these little entrepreneurs were trying their hands at the American Dream. Maybe they will expand their operation next year to run all summer long.

A denim jacket can help transition summer clothes into a fall transition outfit.

It’s hard to believe we’re already talking about the end of summer and the beginning of fall. My kids go back to school after Labor Day so we have a couple of weeks left to enjoy the warm weather. But they are also thinking about cooler days and nights and are stocking up on sweatshirts when we go shopping for school clothes. I’m not stocking up on cold weather clothes yet, but I am looking through my closet to see what summer clothes I can continue to wear as well as light layers I can throw on to keep me warm when cooler temps arrive.

Summer and Fall Look

On that note, here’s my Fall Transition Outfit No. 2. These wide-legged pants and red top can be worn all summer long. Add a denim jacket and you can take this kind of outfit well into fall (plus the dark colors of red and black also get you closer to a fall look).

Wide legged pants and a dark red top can be worn all summer long.

I actually wore this outfit earlier this week when I went out for sushi with my sons. These wide-legged pants were all the rage this summer and I picked up this pair from Dress Barn not too long ago during an awesome sale. These are 100% rayon and they are so comfortable! They remind me of pin-striped pants but with thicker stripes. The pants are only available in plus sizes online, but you may want to also check the store itself to see if there are any other sizes available.

A denim jacket can help transition summer clothes into a fall transition outfit.

The denim jacket is a few years old and is the perfect layer – not too thick and not too thin. You could also wear a regular blue jean jacket for a more casual look or a black leather jacket for something a little dressier (and warmer). I’ll link to some similar white denim jackets below.

Below is the same look without the denim jacket. I love the outfit’s relaxed and breezy summer vibe.

Wide legged pants and a dark red top can be worn all summer long.

The red top, which I found on the clearance rack at Dress Barn, is also 100% rayon and roomy enough to hide bumps and lumps. It has lace details at the top and bottom. The best thing about this top is that it can be worn both off the shoulder or stay on the shoulder. This top is not available online but this one is similar on Amazon (and you can wear it both on the shoulder and off).

A long pendant necklace and long earrings add interest to a solid color top.I added a long pendant necklace and long leather earrings to bring some interest to the solid color top. The necklace is called the Colleen and features brushed silver, brushed gold, cream-colored beads, a silver tassel and a monogram. I also wore these Nika earrings, which are light weight silver leather earrings. The pendant and the necklace definitely add some sparkle to this outfit!

This silver belt buckle bracelet adds some shine to a dark colored outfit.I’m also wearing the Samson silver belt buckle bracelet, which you can’t see too well in this picture, but you can check out the link. I thought it was a pretty unique design so I added it to my jewelry collection.

You can purchase all of these Plunder Design jewelry pieces on my website. Click the Shop button under my name. If you are asked to select a “party,” be sure to choose the one titled “CathyVAugust12017.”

A white and black leopard print clutch adds a subtle pattern to an outfit.This white and black leopard print crossbody bag was perfect for some subtle pattern mixing with the stripes on the pants. I picked up this purse (which also has a long strap to convert it to a crossbody) at Old Navy earlier this summer; it’s one of those purses you can use throughout the year.

Black strappy sandals are the perfect companion to wide-legged pants.

My black multi-strap sandals are so old they could probably walk themselves. This is the only picture I have where you can see them fairly well. I thought they were a perfect match for this outfit both in color, style and comfort. When the weather gets a little cooler, you can change out the strappy sandals with some open-toed booties. Amazon has a similar pair of sandals here.

Wide legged pants and a dark red top can be worn all summer long.

So while everyone is talking about fall and some stores already have their Halloween decor out, I say let’s take our summer clothes as far into the next season as possible. Who’s with me? As long as we have the right layering pieces and accessories, we can extend our summer outfits for at least another month or so. Heck, when I was a kid, I wore tights with long shorts in the fall! No, I will not style that look sometime in the coming weeks – sorry! I was a kid and kids think they can do anything. Remember the young entrepreneurs from my neighborhood? A few muffins, lemonade and a big dose of initiative and those kids got their first taste of success.

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  1. Hi Cathy and thank you SO much for grabbing my button and sharing your fab outfit!
    I LOVE those striped trousers… and pairing them with a white denim jacket keeps everything fresh, but perfect for the cooling weather.
    A great look!

    1. Samantha, I think I actually squealed when I saw your comment! I am so honored that you stopped by! Your styles are so inspiring and beautiful and I love reading your posts, not just for the gorgeous outfits but for the amazing content as well. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Jodie! These earrings are so light that I could barely feel them – no joke! I have another pair of leather earrings in red from Plunder Design and they are also extremely light. That’s one of the things I love about them. Plus, they’re so darn cute! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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