Fixing a Short A-Line Dress

A long sweater vest adds length and style to a too-short A-line dress.

“A glamorous woman is always elegant, but she also possesses an air of mystery and excitement.” – Ralph Lauren

I love this quote, especially the “air of mystery,” because I think that is one of the most important accessories for a woman (the other is her smile). In my opinion, there should be an air of mystery about a woman and the outfit she chooses to present to the world. I like to think I cultivate some mystery in what I don’t show to the world. In other words, I prefer not to reveal every inch of my body; I think modesty speaks volumes about who I am and what I represent. I am not saying that I walk about covered completely in a blanket, but for me, I like things that provide some cover, while still celebrating the female body.

A long sweater vest adds length and style to a too-short A-line dress.

This is why I get so frustrated when I try to buy something beautiful, only to find it too low in the neckline, too high on the hemline, too tight on the body, or too flimsy to stay in place.

Take for example, this A-line dress. When I saw it online, I thought it was a perfect dress for fall and winter. It was made of a thicker jersey material, had long sleeves, and seemed to come to the knees on the model on the website. I ordered it.

A long sweater vest adds length and style to a too-short A-line dress.

When it arrived and I tried it on, I knew right away I would not be able to wear it as a dress. It was too short for my comfort level. Don’t get me wrong, I wear dresses and skirts that fall above my knee, but this dress rose higher than that. I’ve seen tunics that were longer. I should have returned it, but I didn’t. I loved everything about it except its hemline. As other priorities took over, I left this dress to hang in my closet for a year.

A gray sweater vest adds some length to a too-short dress.

Then, a few weeks ago, when we had a cold snap, I pulled out this long gray vest that I wore almost daily last winter because it is so warm. I had thrown the vest over a long white tee and black leggings.

Hmmmm. I started thinking about that black dress. It would be a tad shorter than the white tee, but the vest would cover what the dress did not. I could throw on some tights for added warmth. Since it’s cooler now, I’m linking to some sweater leggings below, which would go perfectly with this dress.

Black sock booties help to elongate your legs.

Adding my black sock booties would continue the column of color created by the black dress and black tights and elongate my legs.

Long pendant necklace

Adding Color and Texture

It sounded like a plan. But what would it look like actually on? I threw off the white tee and threw on the black dress. I looked in the mirror. Not bad, not bad, but it needed a little something more.

For some color and interest to the front, I added my long Plunder necklace with the leopard tassel and green bead chain. The necklace was part of my October Plunder Posse set and came with these cute beaded earrings. I threw those on too.

Posse is a special program in which you are sent a few pieces of jewelry each month for a flat rate of $25.00 with tax and shipping included. The pieces are always a surprise. There is no sign up fee and you can cancel anytime.

If you’d like to find out more about the Posse program, click here. Then go to the “Enroll Now” link at the bottom. You won’t be signed up for anything. But you will see the Plunder Posse link at the bottom. Click on that to learn more about this fun program.

These pieces are no longer available on the Plunder website, but I am linking some similar items below.

Beaded earrings

These bracelets were made by my sister.

Handmade bracelets

I then threw caution to the wind and added one of my favorite handbags. I’ve had this piece on the blog before; it was a gift from my sister several years ago and it’s definitely on its last legs. You can’t see it in these pictures, but the straps are barely hanging on.  But I can’t get rid of it because I love its colorful design and medium size. You can see it with another outfit here.

Multicolor purse

I love the pops of color that the accessories bring to the outfit. I am also relieved that this vest is able to rescue the too-short dress. While I mainly chose the vest for function, it adds an interesting layer.  My accessories also bring some much needed color and help make this a fun outfit for a casual outing.

A long sweater vest adds length and style to a too-short A-line dress.

If you have a beloved dress that is too short for your comfort level, try adding a long vest or jacket to extend the hemline of your whole outfit. You could even belt it for added flair and that special “air of mystery” that will make you stand out.

What I Wore

Gray Vest, Old: Similar, Similar/ A-line Dress, Old: Similar, Similar/ Leggings:  Similar, Similar/ Sock Booties: Similar, Similar/ Pendant Necklace: Similar/ Earrings: Similar/ Bracelets, Handmade: Similar/ Handbag, Old: Similar

Photos by Hunter I. Riddle

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    1. Jodie, I’ve seen some dress extenders and I think that’s another great idea to help with short dresses! It’s hard to give up a good dress (or other clothing item for that matter) because of one little issue. Thank goodness there are creative people out there inventing these saving pieces!


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