How To Layer A Warm Outfit for Fall Sports

My husband and I seem to be getting to a point in our lives where we want to make everything as easy and comfortable as possible. Our goal is for us to enjoy more quality time with our kids. With two of them graduating from high school this year, this time is even more important to us. Our motto is if someone/something can do it better and faster, let ’em at it! 

Layers are key to making a warm outfit for a football game.

Take A Seat

Here’s a small example of how we’re putting this new mantra into practice. For years, we sat on aluminum bleachers to watch two of our sons at their football games. I used to sit on similar bleachers all the time when I was in high school and it wasn’t a problem. But the older I’ve become, the worse those bleachers feel. After improvising with blankets (and sometimes avoiding sitting altogether), I picked up these two stadium seat cushions from Amazon. They are amazing! Not only do they have a thick seat cushion, but they also have a back so that you can really sit comfortably. I no longer have leg or back pain after one of these games, and though we still get chilly, our bottoms stay warm.

The seats are a little pricey, but believe me they are worth every penny. They are cumbersome to carry, so I bought these two bags to help with that. The seats fit perfectly inside them and we can carry them on our shoulders.

Layers are key to making a warm outfit for a football game.

Our regular high school football season is just about over, but we’ve got playoffs coming up, which means we will have some pretty cool nights to contend with. One way I tackle these cool temps is to layer up. Today’s outfit is a pretty typical football game uniform for me (although I’ll be bringing out my heavier coats for the playoffs). It’s so easy to replicate with items you probably already have in your closet.

Although you can’t see it, I’m wearing a snug tank top to keep heat close to my body, a t-shirt over that and then a hoodie. The olive jacket that I bought from Target last year is pretty thin, but works nicely without adding bulk over all of my layers.

Layers are key to making a warm outfit for a football game.

Blanket Scarf as a Blanket

The scarf I’m wearing is also from last year and it’s a blanket scarf. To be honest, I hate these because they are so bulky around my neck and chest. I told one blogger that they always made me feel as if I was wearing my dog around my neck! Not fun.

However, blanket scarves are warm and this one has all the pretty fall colors of gold, red, brown and cream. Instead of wrapping this around my neck, I use it as a blanket and drape it around my shoulders or legs. This scarf is pretty big so it keeps both me and my husband warm. And it looks great as well! Who says you can’t be stylish at a football game?

I’m wearing an old pair of skinny jeans with a raw hem from Old Navy. I’m also wearing my new lace up ankle boots from my favorite shoe company, Clarks. These are so warm and comfortable; they’re a must have for any kind of outdoor winter sports if you’re a spectator. They’re waterproof and have a cushioned sole as well as a fleece-like lining. Some reviewers said they had to break them in over several wearings, but I didn’t have that problem. I just can’t seem to go wrong with a pair of Clarks.

This nylon Ameribag carries all of your essentials and is perfect for the outdoors.

This nylon Ameribag is a perfect bag for outdoors. It’s waterproof, cleans up easily and has a pocket for just about anything you can imagine: pens, lipstick, glasses, tissues, etc. Plus, it’s easy to carry because of its ergonomic design. I’ve taken this one to many games, hiking and a few other places. You can read about one place I almost took it to in this post.

Layers are key to making a warm outfit for a football game.

With this bag against one shoulder, my seat cushion on my other shoulder, I’m hands free when I”m walking into a football game. Remember I told you if someone/something can do something better, then we are all about signing up for it? Well these cushions, their carry bags and my Ameribag definitely fall into that category.

I know that these are not earth shattering discoveries, but they really have made a difference in our quality of life. And that sports fans, goes down as a win in my book.

What I Wore

Olive Jacket: Similar, Similar /Hoodie: Similar, Similar /Scarf: Similar/ Skinny Jeans: Similar /Boots: Here/Ameribag: Here /Earrings: Here

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If you have any outdoor games tonight or this weekend, I hope you stay warm! Have a great weekend!

Photos by Hunter I. Riddle

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  1. You do need a ton of layers to keep warm at these games!! And those seats make a huge difference. We don’t go to enough to buy them, but we have borrowed some before, and holy moly–they are great!!!
    Have a fabulous weekend, Cathy!! Love the look!!

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