I Spy A Trench Coat

A classic beige trench coat is the perfect accessory for fall.

I’m a huge James Bond fan, from the early days of Sean Connery and Roger Moore to today’s Daniel Craig. But I have to confess that none of these dapper secret agents can hold a candle to the one and only international man of mystery. His teeth may be crooked, his hair a mop of messiness, and his style choices a bit flashy, but Austin Powers is and will always be the grooviest spy in my world. Yeah baby!

A classic beige trench coat is the perfect accessory for fall.

My outfit today is not as shagadelic as some of Austin’s polyester leisure suits, but I’ve always felt that there is an air of mystery surrounding a trench coat. This classic outerwear was once worn by those who were neither upper class nor lower class. In other words, the trench was the coat of the everyday man and woman. So a spy would wear one of these if he or she wanted to be inconspicuous.

A classic beige trench coat is the perfect accessory for fall.

Perfect Fall Accessory

I love trenches not just for their mysterious looks and the fact that they keep you warm, but they are a great layering piece. You can fit in with the crowd on the outside, but show your own personality and wear something fun and exciting underneath.

I own several trenches in different colors and lengths. Every time I say I’m going to edit some out of my closet, I just can’t because I know I’ll use them at some point or another.

Today’s look is from Old Navy and it’s a beige cotton piece that is soft, lightweight and perfect for fall. This can be thrown on over a dress, jeans or a work outfit and it will look great with all of them.

A striped sheath dress in warm colors is a perfect fall outfit for the office.

Today, I’m wearing this trench over this striped sheath dress that I picked up at Ross a few years ago. I’m adding a black patent leather belt to give more structure to the dress and to bring out the black stripes a little more.

The warm colors in this dress work well during the fall and winter. It can be worn with a blazer or cardigan, dark tights and boots, or you can layer a classic white collared shirt underneath for a different look.

This brown and amber necklace is the perfect accessory for a fall outfit.

The dress has a cute gold zipper detail at the top. I like how this brown and amber necklace (appropriately called the Amber) is a perfect match and adds a little sparkle. The brown is more of a tortoise shell design and the crystals have a pale gold hue to them.

These brown and amber earrings are the perfect accessory for a fall outfit.

This brown and amber bracelet is the perfect accessory for a fall outfit.

When I saw this necklace online, I fell in love with its matching bracelet and earrings. The bracelet is called the Benni and the earrings are the Colette.

A brown handbag in a classic design will dress up any outfit.

My brown handbag is an old purchase from Amazon.

When in doubt, classic black heels go with everything.

I’m wearing my comfortable Sam Edelman heels to match the belt and the black stripes in the dress. With the light-colored jacket, the shoes help to anchor the outfit a bit more with a little more color. Maybe I should say that they add a little “mojo” to this whole ensemble!

What I Wore

Trench CoatHereDress: Similar or SimilarHeels: HereNecklace: HereBracelet: Here/
Earrings: HerePurse: Here

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2 thoughts on “I Spy A Trench Coat”

  1. Do you know that I don’t have a trench?? Isn’t that crazy? But in my defense, it hardly rains here. Heck I just bought my first Hunter boots while thrifting this summer, and only because we are planning an Alaskan trip next year!!
    Love the dress, Cathy, and that necklace is stunning!

    1. Jodie – I didn’t own a trench until about 5 years ago and then it seemed I couldn’t stop collecting them! And I didn’t get my first pair of Hunter boots until last year. I think I’m all stocked up on rain gear for the next few decades! You know, I was actually putting the dress in my blog post today in the donate pile when I saw my trench and said, “Wait a minute….” I’m so glad I did. And the necklace matched perfectly. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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