Ice Cream Run in a Kimono

There are two main things that my stepson, Jack, and I have in common: chocolate and ice cream. We love them and have been known to curtail my husband’s diet many times with our taste for these two heavenly treats. We usually save our sweet tooth for the weekends, but this week, we weren’t so disciplined. My husband used a new gadget he received for Father’s Day to make us s’mores on the grill. When the boys were younger, we used to make our s’smores around our fire pit, but we saw this tray for the grill and thought we would try it out. I missed the golden color of the roasted marshmallows, and the chocolate turned into more of a chocolate syrup, but did that stop either of us from stuffing the whole darn s’more in our mouths? Of course not.

The next evening, we decided to run out for ice cream. I know, this daily dessert indulgence has to stop! I had spent the day in this peach top and denim shorts and while it was fine for a stay-at-home day, I wanted to add a little something to dress up the outfit. Enter this kimono-style jacket, which I purchased in the spring. The colors match my top and jeans perfectly and it also added a thin layer of warmth on this slightly balmy evening.

Here’s the outfit without the jacket. It’s fine by itself, but a little plain. The kimono adds color, pattern and that extra touch to take the outfit up to the next level. I wore my beaded multi-color thong sandals to add a little bit of sparkle on the bottom and wore my short, gold pendant necklace for a hint of sparkle on the top.

This kimono was definitely a sweet addition to this outfit.

Photos by Edward A. Vollbrecht, Jr.