Mixing It Up With a Floral Kimono and Striped Tee

A floral kimono paired with a striped tee can dress up skinny jeans.

So I jumped on the kimono train, but I have mixed feelings about this popular piece. I’ve seen kimonos styled by many other bloggers and have also seen them worn a little around town. I like the way they look, but I just couldn’t figure out how to wear them for me. Then I saw this one and fell in love with the colors. I picked it up early in the summer and it proceeded to hang in my closet. All. Summer. Long.

A floral kimono paired with a striped tee can dress up skinny jeans.I just couldn’t figure out how to wear it and be comfortable. Then one afternoon last week my son and I were heading out to run some errands. It was one of those days that starts off cool, warms up during the day and then starts cooling down again as evening approaches. I was wearing the black striped tee and jeans but wanted to add another layer because I knew it would be dark and cool by the time we returned home. I ran to my closet and lo and behold, this kimono was front and center.

A floral kimono paired with a striped tee can dress up skinny jeans.

I threw it over my tee and I liked what I saw. I know it’s not an original outfit, but I wanted to share it to show you that (1) it’s okay to incorporate trends into your wardrobe no matter how fleeting or long-lasting they are as long as you are comfortable and (2) it’s okay to try something different and outside your comfort zone!

I grabbed my camera and ran out the door. We stopped at a historic farm site on the way to the store to take these pictures. There are several things I like about this outfit: the pattern mix, the way the kimono fits close to the body and isn’t too voluminous, and the “finishing touch” it adds to the whole outfit. Plus, although the material is thin, it is just enough to add an extra layer of warmth that came in handy as we finished our errands toward the evening.

A floral kimono paired with a striped tee can dress up skinny jeans.

I’m not much of a pattern mixer, not because I don’t like it, but because I don’t know how to do it very well! But I am trying to learn. I thought the kimono and striped tee worked well together because they both have similar colors (black and white). Also, the striped pattern in the tee doesn’t overwhelm the kimono and it lets the kimono take center stage.

A floral kimono paired with a striped tee can dress up skinny jeans.

The kimono is not voluminous, but because it is long and flowy, it still adds weight to the top half of my body. To balance that out, I wore my skinny jeans from Target so that I wouldn’t look consumed in material. Honestly, though, I think this kimono could be worn with a nice pair of wide leg pants and a belt to define the waist; that might actually make for a pretty evening outfit.

Black suede booties are a perfect accessory for a fall transition outfit.

These black suede booties were a perfect match to this kimono, although I have a tan pair and a burgundy colored pair that would also have gone well with the outfit.

A basket weave pattern on a purse adds texture to a kimono and jeans outfit.

My purse is a pre-loved find from a thrift shop. I love how the basket weave pattern adds some texture to the whole look.

This silver initial necklace adds casual elegance to a t-shirt and jeans outfit.

I kept my jewelry simple with my silver initial necklace (I have the same one in gold), silver hoop earrings and another set of bracelets that my sister made.

Porcelain owls add a fun and expected feature to silver bangles.

All of the colors of the stones in this set match colors in the kimono. But my favorite bangle is the one featuring the different colored owls. Aren’t they cute?

A floral kimono paired with a striped tee can dress up skinny jeans.

Kimono Confusion

I really do like this particular outfit and how the kimono adds a little something extra to my jeans and t-shirt. However, I’m still not sure how often I would wear the kimono and that breaks one of my own rules when it comes to buying clothes. I have to have at least three ways I can wear something for it to have value to me.

Maybe I’ll try the outfit with the wide leg pants and belt. When I bought it I thought it would look pretty with a plain black sheath dress. I could also see it as a coverup for a bathing suit. Looks like I’ve come up with a few extra ways to use the kimono. But still, I just don’t see myself going for the kimono as often as I go for my leather jacket, a cozy cardigan, or one of my jean jackets as far as outer layers go.

A floral kimono paired with a striped tee can dress up skinny jeans.

Still, it is fun to try something different. I may have to think about the kimono for awhile. If I don’t incorporate it into my everyday style, there is always swimsuit season. Do you have a piece that you’re on the fence about? Do you wear it or store it? I’d love to hear your feedback!

What I Wore

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