Leather Blazer and Metallic Skirt: Celebrating A Christmas Baby

Leather Blazer and Shiny Skirt

My stepson, Jaekob, has accepted an offer from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond to throw discus and shot put on the school’s track and field team. We all went to VCU a few weekends ago and bought a few items with the VCU logo on it. Even our dog got a VCU collar and leash.

Leather Blazer and Metallic Skirt

The Gentle Giant

I’ve known Jaek since he was eight years old. He was always the biggest of our four boys, both in height and weight. But he never threw his size  around with his brothers or his friends. He was always laid back, calm and soft spoken. He’s always just been a big teddy bear to me, a gentle giant.

Our other boys have pretty much caught up to him in height by now. Jaek  has definitely turned his size into an asset. Health and nutrition are his priorities and he is dedicated to being in the best shape possible.

His hard work has paid off with several accomplishments including state champ for shot put and discuss and being named an all-area athlete.

Leather Blazer and Metallic Skirt

I’m talking about Jaek today because his birthday is on Christmas Day and I feel that sometimes his celebration gets lost in the larger festivities. We make it point to celebrate his birthday apart from Christmas – either on Christmas Eve or on another weekend – so he gets the same attention everyone else does on their birthday. But still, I want to recognize him in a special way. I’m pretty sure Jaek doesn’t read this blog, but maybe one day he will and he’ll know how very proud he made me and his dad.

Leather Blazer and Metallic Skirt

Shine With a Metallic Skirt

Now that I’m tearing up, it’s time to move on to today’s outfit. This is another simple and easy outfit for work. Even though December can feel like a month-long holiday, many of us still have to get to the office.

I love pairing leather with more feminine pieces and this dark brown blazer is the perfect topper for this skirt. This blazer is from Clothes Mentor in Fredericksburg, Virginia which sells gently used and like-new women’s clothing. It cost $14! You can see it in a more casual outfit here.

The skirt has silver thread weaving through it, making it appear almost metallic. The leather blazer grounds it a bit so that it doesn’t look too gaudy or overly dressy for the office. I “stole” this skirt from a suit set. Just because two pieces are part of a suit doesn’t mean that you always have to wear them together.

Colorful silk scarf

A red sweater gives the outfit some color and the silk scarf from Deep Creek Vintage adds an interesting pattern. The scarf also pulls together all the colors of outfit.

By the way, scarves are a great alternative to necklaces. Plus, they keep your neck warm. This one is small so it’s not too overwhelming for the outfit.

All of my other accessories are pretty simple. I’m wearing gold dangle earrings which I will link to below. My Clarks shoes are a mid-heel and comfortable to wear all day. Finally, my sand color bag adds some lightness to this overly dark-colored look.

This is a pretty basic office look that is elevated with the leather blazer, shiny skirt and interesting scarf. You can probably put this outfit together with items that are already in your closet. Just separate your suit pieces and add some fun accessories. If they’re sparkly, that’s even better, especially for the holiday season.

What I Wore

Leather Blazer, Thrifted: Similar/ Red Sweater, Old, Loft: Similar/ Skirt, Old, Dress Barn: Similar/ Scarf, Thrifted: Similar/ Shoes, Old: Similar/ Bag, Old: Similar/ Earrings: Here

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  1. I have the same issue with my birthday although mine is not on Christmas—it’s December 15. But I used to always get birthday/Christmas presents…..
    I love your outfit today Cathy (well, when do I not—ha ha). But it’s so fabulous that you love the thrift stores like I do!!
    You’ll have to include these items for our #thriftedchicstylechallenge that begins next Monday, December 11!!
    Have a great weekend,

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