Wear A Maxi Dress for Comfort and Style

A maxi dress with an empire waist flatters almost every body type.

It’s been a long week with my son’s surgery, two other sons out of town, and our last one needing rides all over town to meet up with his friends or to attend meetings for fall sports. While my son’s surgery was pretty stressful because he was in so much pain, it did give me a chance to talk and laugh with him (once he started feeling better). While I wish he didn’t have to go through the surgery, I am grateful for the chance to reconnect with him. Our teens are so busy these days, it’s hard to always get that quality one-on-one time with any of them. After our busy week, I am ready for a relaxing weekend! I think that a maxi dress is the perfect outfit to wear for comfort and style when you want to relax but still need to look decent.

A maxi dress with an empire waist flatters almost every body type.

A maxi dress like the one I’m wearing allows me to move around comfortably throughout the day and still look nice for a last-minute date night out with my husband (we tend to fly by the seat of our pants on the weekends).

A maxi dress with an empire waist flatters almost every body type.

I’ve had this dress for years and it is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own. It is several years old and I can’t remember where I bought it, but it is from the SOHO Apparel Ltd. brand. I love that it has short sleeves, which I prefer to wear over sleeveless styles. The v-neck and empire waist are flattering to my figure, but not revealing. I’m linking to a few maxi dresses below if you’re interested in adding to your collection (or you can always shop your closet!). Amazon also has a cute option here.

The Fit of an Empire Waist Dress

This maxi dress has an empire waist, and these kind of dresses look good on almost any woman because they cinch your body at its narrowest point, right below your bust line. The material flows out over your mid-section, camouflaging most bumps and lumps.

I have heard some women complain that empire waist dresses make them look pregnant. I think that depends on the style of the dress. If you buy one that doesn’t poof out too much away from your body, then you may find the fit more flattering.

A maxi dress with an empire waist flatters almost every body type.

This dress has a slight geometric pattern (varying sizes of white pentagons on a black background), and the design helps to hide even more bumpy areas. I paired the dress with my black leather gladiator sandals from BareTraps, which are a few years old but have held up well. They have a low wedge cork heel and are very comfortable. Plus, they zip up the back, making it a cinch to get in and out of them. These sandals are old, but I’ve included a few links to similar sandals below.

Black leather gladiator sandals are stylish and comfortable.

I love hats, and this one from World Market is a perfect match for my dress. Hats are a great accessory to add to your outfit. Not only can they ramp up what you’re wearing, but they also provide a little shade and protection from the sun. Plus, they’re a lifesaver on a bad hair day!

Hats are a stylish accessory and also offer great sun protection!

A maxi dress is perfect for shopping, exploring new places, or just hanging out with your kid(s), even if you’re just talking and laughing at home. Have a great weekend!

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