Putting a Thrifted Red Blazer To Work

A thrifted red blazer gives baggy trousers a professional and classic touch.

I dig through my trashcan and I’m not afraid to admit it. Those plastic water bottles? They could become a throw rug in someone’s house. A cardboard cereal box? That could be the next great American novel (maybe even mine some day!). An aluminum can? That could be part of your kid’s next bike. I hate seeing recyclable items thrown into our trashcan and I will dig them out and stick them into our recycling bin.

I’ve tried to teach the rest of my family about the benefits of recycling and they are getting better about it. But I still find recyclable items in our trash that I dig out.

These materials can be recycled into things that we use every day. But if we throw them out, then they just sit in a landfill where they are buried and left to decompose. The landfill process is much more complicated than I’m describing here and there are systems in place to protect the environment. Still, that doesn’t take away the fact that landfills cover acres of our buried garbage.

This is one of the reasons I love secondhand items so much. Instead of throwing them out to decompose in a landfill, their previous owners donated them for someone else to love. I love searching for unique pieces in thrift stores and consignment shops. I look at my thrifted outings as little treasure hunts because you never know what you might find. Case in point: my mom and I were shopping at an antique/thrift store in North Carolina a few months ago when in the corner, on the bottom shelf of a bookcase, under a pile of books and magazines was a Kate Spade handbag, for $5! That’s right, $5! That bag will be coming to the blog soon.

That brings me to the other reason I love thrifting. You will never pay full price for a thrifted item because it is not hot off the fashion racks. Items may be used, although you may be lucky enough to find something with the original price tags still attached. The savings can be pretty amazing.

Thrifted items can update your wardrobe and showcase your personal style. I love to mix my thrifted finds with new pieces or things that I have  in my closet. In fact, this week, you’re going to see me doing just that. I’m trying something new and participating in the a thrifted challenge with some other bloggers. You can check it out on Instagram at #thriftedchicstylechallenge. I hope you will also follow me on Instagram via @cathyvstyle.

The group is showcasing a thrifted piece every day. The pieces can be home decor, accessories or clothing. I have several thrifted pieces of furniture that I love and I may try to incorporate them toward the end of the week, but today I’m showing you a great outfit for work with two pieces of thrifted items.

A thrifted red blazer gives baggy trousers a professional and classic touch.

Putting together a professional outfit for the office can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. This gorgeous red Talbots blazer is from thredUP, the online consignment shop. It is a gorgeous red color and 100% wool, which makes it a great year round piece. Wool is breathable and assists in the regulation of your body temperature. In other words, it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This blazer was only $33.

A thrifted red blazer gives baggy trousers a professional and classic touch.

This blazer is perfect to wear open or buttoned up, but I am changing the look a little by adding my patent leather belt. I love how the belt provides structure to the whole outfit and also defines my waist. It’s amazing what a simple accessory can do for an outfit.

A thrifted black scarf with flowers adds a unique and personal touch to a professional outfit. Tie One On

Speaking of accessories, this gorgeous black scarf is another thrifted item. This piece is from my favorite antique and vintage shop, Deep Creek Vintage. I bought it for $5. The store sells everything from furniture to clothing. They are getting ready for their holiday open house next weekend and I can’t wait to see it. The shop is actually in an old mansion and the owners go all out to decorate every room. It’s gorgeous! If you live in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area, you should definitely stop by.

These earrings from Plunder Jewelry add a vintage and feminine feel to an outfit for the office.

My other accessories are these gorgeous earrings and bracelet from Plunder Jewelry. Both of these have designs on them that mimic the flowers in the scarf. I also like the vintage and feminine vibe that they add to the overall look. Who says a power suit can’t have pretty touches?

is bracelet from Plunder Jewelry add a vintage and feminine feel to an outfit for the office. My pants and striped tank are items that I’ve had in my closet for years. The newest piece is the quilted bag from Target, a purchase from several months ago. I know I’ll keep it for several years because of its classic quilted design.

This black handbag features a timeless quilted design.

If you’re on the fence about thrifted clothes, I hope this outfit shows you that you don’t need to spend big bucks to look professional and stylish. You may find a unique piece that will make you stand out. Buying secondhand also prevents those items from going to a landfill, where they will decompose for years.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you another thrifted piece that looks brand new. I used it all weekend and love it. Tune in tomorrow for the big reveal!

What I Wore

Red Blazer (thredUP): Similar, Similar/ Striped Tank (Dress Barn): Similar/ Pants (old, Dress Barn): Similar, Similar/ Scarf (Vintage, Deep Creek Vintage): Similar, Similar/ Purse: (Target): Similar, Similar/ Shoes (Nordstrom): Here/ Earrings: Here/ Bracelet: Here

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Photos by Hunter I. Riddle

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  1. Funny, because we just ordered some pieces from ThredUp!! Don’t they have some fabulous items for such great deals??
    I love how you added the belt over the blazer, Cathy!! That’s so fabulous!

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