Striped Navy Dress and Red Shoes

When my son Hunter was preparing to interview for his first job, I was adamant that he be dressed to the nines. After all, first impressions are lasting impressions and I wanted to help him start off on the right foot. But mom, he said, this is a fast-food restaurant. I don’t need a three-piece suit. I’ll be so overdressed. I thought about that for a second. He had a point. He didn’t want to be overdressed for the culture of the organization, and walking in with a suit and tie might be a little too much for the casual environment of a fast-food restaurant. However, I advised him to still dress professionally and appropriately for the interview to help him project a positive image and to show respect to the person interviewing him. He ended up wearing tan trousers and a button-down collared shirt.

I thought about my son’s experience when I bought this dress (well, full disclosure, I also thought about the stripes because I love, love, love stripes!). Since I work part-time from home, I’m not required to wear suits every day as I did when I was working full-time. But I still have to attend meetings every now and then and I want to look professional – and comfortable. This navy blue striped dress accomplished both goals. It is neither too tight nor too short, and the slight ruffle at the sleeves adds a feminine factor to this business casual look.

The red shoes and white purse are a classic combination for navy and white stripes. I could also see wearing a pair of orange pumps with this dress for an unexpected twist and a more summery vibe. Hmmm, sounds like I’ve got to plan a shopping date!

I did attend a meeting in this exact outfit and did not feel out of place at all. I was not overdressed, but I wasn’t overly casual either. That’s not to say that this outfit can’t be dressed down. Add a pair of flat, tan sandals and a colorful bag and you would be ready for a coffee date, lunch with friends, or a nice dinner with the family. That’s one of the great things about classic pieces; they can be dressed up or down and look stylish both ways.

My son is working at a pool this summer and his “uniform” is a t-shirt and shorts. Now that’s definitely dressing for the culture of his organization!