Summer Cool in a Black Dress

Every morning, my husband gives me a call as he’s on his way to his office. You’d think we wouldn’t have much to say because we talk to each other all morning long as we’re getting ready. But we do! It could be something we forgot to mention, something that came up between the time he left the house and when he calls, or he just calls to say he loves me (cue Stevie Wonder). Our calls last for just a few minutes and then we both get on with our day. But the other day, he called me a second time later in the morning with an interesting request: Please bring me some pants.

Say what?

All kinds of scenarios ran through my mind but all I could see was him sitting behind his desk, sans pants, talking to a client. Turns out he simply ripped the pocket seam and part of his underwear was showing.

Do you have double-sided tape? I asked him. What about a safety pin? Needle and thread? How about another pair of pants in your car? 

Nope, nada, nothing. He didn’t have any of these things. If I had been in the same situation, I would have gone out to my car, opened my small “just-in-case” black bag I keep in the trunk and pulled out any one of these things (except for the pants – I always kept an extra pair of shoes in my trunk!). With four kids, I just learned to keep certain things in the car for sudden emergencies. I even have one of those multi-tools with a knife, scissors, bottle opener, and iron (just kidding)! I have used all of these things at one time or another while we were away from the house.

Maybe I need to fix him a “just-in-case” bag for, you know, just in case.

I didn’t have to worry about snagging my pants with the outfit in today’s post. I’ve always loved a black dress. No matter the season, a black dress works all the time and for just about any occasion. You can dress it up with some contrasting shades or a little bit of shimmer, or dress it down with denim and minimal accessories. This black dress is another A-line shape that I love; it easily skims the body, allows for freedom of movement and does not cling (always a winner in my book).  I had a little fun with this dress by adding a colorful scarf, white hat, white wedge sandals and a fun straw clutch.

The scarf adds a pretty pop of color and will also help keep the chills away during cool summer nights. The hat is a cool injection into this look, keeping the hot summer sun out of my eyes.

My shoes are from Clarks; I ordered them last year. When I first tried them on, I wasn’t sure how much I’d wear them because I thought they were a bit too high for me. But the more I’ve worn them, the more comfortable they’ve become! They have now become one of my most-worn shoes in my summer wardrobe. The wedge provides some height but also stability. My weight is not teetering precariously on the balls of my feet because there’s not as much of an angle as there would be with heels. I love these wedges and will wear them for as many summers as possible!

Take a look at this clutch. I picked this up through Thredup, an online shop that sells high-quality secondhand clothes, shoes and accessories. But what you might not know is that they also sell items with original price tags still attached! Even better is that you won’t pay full price. This clutch is from Gap and was sent to me in perfect condition (with the Gap price tag still attached). I actually ended up buying a ton of things from Thredup and plan to showcase them later on the blog, so stay tuned!

This clutch is a perfect size to carry around my wallet, cell phone and lipstick as well as few extra items, such as, oh, I don’t know, needle and thread, doublesided tape, or a safety pin, just in case.

Photos by Edward A. Vollbrecht, Jr.