Gifts for the Book Lovers On Your List

Some of the greatest gifts I have ever received have been books. I love to get lost in the stories among their pages, I love how their pages feel in my hands, and I love having them around me. I always tell my kids that when they grow up and move out, one of their rooms is going to become my new walk-in closet and another room is going to be my own personal library.

I’ve already designed it in my mind. It will have big cushy chairs and ottomans, little lamps sprinkled throughout, and shelves and shelves of books, from floor to ceiling. I’ll also move my vintage roll top desk that my husband bought me for my birthday into the room so that I can write to my heart’s content, surrounded by my works of inspiration.

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For the Love of Reading

When I was a little girl, my father would come home from work and surprise me with a new book. He would usually gave it directly to me, but sometimes, I would go up to my room and find a new book on my pillowcase.  Heidi, The Secret Garden, The Chronicles of Narnia, even the Archie comic book digest found their way from my dad’s briefcase to my bedroom. I loved reading so much that I used to hide my books in my lap at the dinner table and read as much as I could while pretending to eat. My mother, who was all-knowing and all-seeing, put an end to my reading at the dinner table. But I read every other chance I had. Books transported me to other places and different worlds. I became friends with their characters, ensuring them that I would return soon when I took a break and closed their pages (or had to eat dinner). They introduced me to words that were beautiful on paper and even more lovely when said out loud: heaven, ethereal, love, angel.  Books were magical. Continue reading “For the Love of Reading”