For the Love of Reading

When I was a little girl, my father would come home from work and surprise me with a new book. He would usually gave it directly to me, but sometimes, I would go up to my room and find a new book on my pillowcase.  Heidi, The Secret Garden, The Chronicles of Narnia, even the Archie comic book digest found their way from my dad’s briefcase to my bedroom. I loved reading so much that I used to hide my books in my lap at the dinner table and read as much as I could while pretending to eat. My mother, who was all-knowing and all-seeing, put an end to my reading at the dinner table. But I read every other chance I had. Books transported me to other places and different worlds. I became friends with their characters, ensuring them that I would return soon when I took a break and closed their pages (or had to eat dinner). They introduced me to words that were beautiful on paper and even more lovely when said out loud: heaven, ethereal, love, angel.  Books were magical. Continue reading “For the Love of Reading”