Tailor Made Off The Shoulder Top

I have heard over and over throughout my years that “fit is everything.” I never paid much attention to that saying until I noticed how the fit of clothes began to change on me the older I became. For example, that flowy bohemian maxi dress that I loved when I was younger and much slimmer now made me look frumpy. The unstructured linen sheath I wore a few summers ago looked like a paper bag on me this year. And the boyfriend jeans that hung straight to the floor. Not so great anymore. As I aged, I found myself craving clothes with more of a shape to them, but not all the clothes I bought had the same shape on me as they had in the store or online.  And then I discovered my tailor.

I started with baby steps. I had a dress that was described online as having a scooped neck. In reality, the neckline practically choked me. So I took it to her and asked her to deepen the neckline just a bit. She did and I can now breathe comfortably in that dress.

My next project for her was this striped top. When I saw this online, I fell in love with the pattern, the off-the-shoulder style and the longer sleeves with the slight ruffle hem. It was described as a dress/tunic. The model online wore it as a dress and I could tell that it would be too short for my comfort to wear like that. But I thought I would be able to wear it as a tunic with some jeans or leggings. I could not have been more wrong! It hung on me like a bag! Actually, now that I’m thinking of it, can you picture a push-up popsicle, the one that looks like a cylinder on top with the skinny stick come out of the bottom? That’s exactly what I looked like, only worse!

I didn’t want to get rid of this tunic because I loved the pattern and style. That’s when I thought about my tailor. I took it to her and asked her to shorten it even more so that I could wear it as a blouse. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out, although I think I could have asked her to nip it in at the sides a little. Still, it’s not as voluminous as before and I can wear it with a variety of bottoms (in fact, I just ordered some wide leg linen pants and I can’t wait to see how this top will look with them).

Do you have pieces in your closet that could use a little nip and tuck? If so, find a tailor and see what he or she can do. You might be amazed at how an old piece can take on a new life. I’d give you the name of my tailor, but she’s mine, all mine! Bwahahaha!