The Long and Short of It

A long cardigan over a short dress can extend your summer clothes into fall.

Welcome back to my roundup of fall trends for 2017! This week I covered animal prints and the color red, both trends that the fashion experts say we’ll be seeing a lot of this fall. Today, I’m showing one more trend: the long cardigan.

A long cardigan over a short dress can extend your summer clothes into fall.

Late summer in Virginia can bring a variety of weather. Mornings can start out cool and heat up by the afternoon. Or it can be the other way around with a muggy start, then a rain storm blows through and it’s cool and damp for the afternoon and evening. That’s why cardigans – whether they are long or short – come in handy during this transitional period.

A long cardigan over a short dress can extend your summer clothes into fall.

Wear Now Wear Later

Wearing a long cardigan over a short summer dress is a great way to extend your summer outfits into the fall. I wore this outfit last weekend to run errands, grab some lunch at a local brewery with my husband and then host some of my kids’ friends who came over for the evening. I picked up both this sleeveless dress and the long cardigan earlier this year. The dress is from Old Navy. The long cardigan was purchased at the beginning of the year, but I honestly can’t remember where I picked it up. I’m linking a few other options below.

This is a perfect combination for this time of year. The bright orange dress has fall written all over it and the wheat-colored cardigan allows you to slip easily into autumn without completely giving up the breezy colors of summer. A black cardigan would have been a fun match, but I’ll save that one for Halloween! The dress is thin and kept me cool when the temps rose throughout the day. The cardigan is also thin but warm enough to keep the chills away in the morning.

Old Navy still has this dress available (and on sale!) but not in this orange color. Below are options for the long cardigan. Please note that I do receive a small commission after you click or purchase anything through my affiliate links.

Suede booties can help transition your summer outfits into fall.

I am wearing my suede brown booties to add to the fall ambiance of this look. I bought these last year and wore them so much they almost feel like house slippers.

My purse is a new purchase from ThredUP, which is a fashion website that sells quality secondhand clothes. I love ThredUP! I’ve purchased so many pieces from there including dresses, coats, jackets, skirts and handbags, many of them with the original price tags still attached. Every one of them has been a great investment piece at a discount prices. You can see one of my ThredUp outfits in this post.

A light scarf is a great way to transition outfits into fall.

I brought along a scarf that matched the colors of this outfit for some added warmth. It’s hard to see, but mixed in with the darker brown and cream colors of the scarf are orange stripes. I ditched the scarf later because it just got too hot, but it will be perfect for when cooler days arrive.

A gold necklace adds simple elegance to an early fall outfit.

Golden Hues

My necklace is the Jefra gold bar bracelet from Plunder. I love its simplicity. You can’t see too clearly in these photos, but my initial is stamped on the gold bar. I’ve opened a new party on the Plunder website under the name CathyVSeptember12017 so be sure to select that name if you’d like to shop for Plunder jewelry. I am an independent Stylist with Plunder and receive a small commission if you purchase items through my links.

My other jewelry are family pieces and they are hard to see in these photos. But the gold bracelet is from my Guamanian Nana on my mom’s side. She never took this bracelet off when she was alive. I always knew she was near because I could hear the bracelet jingling against the dishes, the counter, or whatever she was near.

My earrings are also from Guam; they are gold flowers and were given to me by my uncle. I love family jewelry and the stories that accompany special pieces. Plus, they always seem to bring my relatives just a little closer to me.

A long cardigan over a short dress can extend your summer clothes into fall.

Shop Your Closet

I hope the posts this week and my transition outfits last week (see them here, here and here) were helpful. I’m not a model nor an expert, but I do enjoy classic fashion and experimenting with the latest trends. I’m certainly not advocating that you go out and purchase pieces for every new trend. In fact, I suggest you shop your closet first because you’re bound to find something in there that you can adapt to meet the new trends if you so desire.

My outfit on Monday and today’s look are all pieces I already had in my closet. Wednesday’s red pants and denim top were the only new pieces for this week’s post, and I purchased them not because they were part of the fall trends, but because I knew I would get a lot of use out of them this year and in the future (during all the seasons, not just fall).

And that my friends, is the long and short of it! Thanks so much for visiting. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hi Cathy ! Love your blog! You mentioned your family is from Guam. My grandson was born there and I was blessed to be able to go there! It is beautiful (and hot!! Lol) !!
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Hi Christina! What a nice surprise to hear of your Guam connection! My mother was born and raised there and we still have a lot of family there now (including my brother). I spent some time there as a child but I haven’t been able to make it back in a long time. My husband and I would love to take our four boys there one day. It is a paradise on earth! Thanks so much for commenting and for reading my blog! Have a nice weekend!

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