Tropical Prints and White Denim Jeans

My son, Hunter, has a great sense of humor, so when I asked him if he could take pictures of me for the blog, I knew that I’d be laughing throughout the two sessions we had planned one evening. And I was right! If you look closely at these photos, you may notice some power lines overhead. As he was taking pictures, he said, “Hey Mom, you need to tell your readers that your fashion sense is shocking!” At one point, I told him that I was looking for a long winding road to use as a backdrop, kind of like the ones you see in Walking Dead, I told him. That’s when I hear “Hey Mom, tell everyone that the end of the world may be coming, but that doesn’t mean you need to lose your fabulous style!” I almost couldn’t stop laughing the whole time he was taking these pictures!

Tropical prints have always made me smile. I don’t know if it’s because they remind me of my mother’s island home, Guam, or if the bright colors just make me happy. I think it’s both! This tank from Old Navy immediately caught my eye because I loved the big and bold bright colors against the black background of the shirt. I knew I wanted to pair them with these fringed denim crop jeans from J Jill because I felt the white would really make the tank pop.

I knew I wanted to coordinate my accessories with my top so I chose my green handbag from Thirty One and coral sandals from Kohls that I bought a few years ago. Both added perfect pops of color to the outfit.

Here’s a closeup of the purse…..

and a pic of my wedge sandals. You can’t see it too well in these pics, but these sandals have a gold band at the top of the wedge. To coordinate with this bit of sparkle, I added a gold necklace, watch and bracelet.

Throw on a denim jacket and you’re set for a cool summer evening with some good company, great food, and hopefully, lots of laughter.

Photos by Hunter I. Riddle