White Fringe Dress for Summer

Welcome to my very first post! I’m a little excited, a little terrified since I’ve never done anything like this before. So I hope you’ll bear with me as I make my way through this. Let me tell you right off the bat that I tend to be a perfectionist. I want everything to look just right, in the best light, with the best story, etc. Well, when I first saw these pictures, I thought Oh no, we can’t use these! They’re too dark, my hair is frizzy, my dress is baggy, I need to work on my smile, yada, yada, yada. I was ready to take another set, but after mulling over it a bit, I figured that this blog is about my real life, which is far from perfect, but which still makes me very happy because of my husband, my sons, and everyone else who touches my life. I’m not a model with a fancy photographer; I’m a woman who is proud of the lines, bumps, bruises and everything else that has made me who I am. I believe in lifting people up through positivity and I hope that maybe a story on this blog, or an outfit or whatever else comes through here will do that for someone, some day. So there you have it! Please be patient as I try to figure out the blogosphere, my camera, bokeh and everything else. It’s not going to be perfect, but I hope that we will have fun together!

One thing that I do find perfect for summer is a simple white dress. This dress from J. Crew has an A-line shape that is perfect for warm weather. I love so many things about this dress including its denim fabric (100% cotton), its clean lines, pockets (!) and the cute fringe at the hemline that gives this classic shape a modern twist. It falls right above my knees, so it’s not too short and doesn’t sacrifice modesty.

I wanted to keep this look casual so I didn’t add too many accessories other than simple gold hoop earrings and the red bracelet that one of my sons gave me for Mother’s Day.

Here’s a closeup of fringe at the bottom of the dress.

I also wanted to show you this vintage Babette woven straw purse I picked up at Deep Creek Vintage, an historic manor house in Spotsylvania, Virginia, that has been converted into a store that sells vintage, upcycled and other handmade items (I love this place and have a few pieces in my house from there!). These type of purses were popular in the 1950s and while this one isn’t very big, it’s large enough to hold my wallet, cell phone and sunglasses.

This outfit is so simple and easy to wear. It offers a nice alternative to shorts, and can be dressed up or down with heels or flats. Add a straw hat and you will be cool and classy for any summertime event. Sounds pretty perfect to me.

Photos by Hunter I. Riddle